University of Maryland and ACC End Bitter Departure Lawsuits

University of Maryland and ACC Reach Legal Agreement.

Quick Reference: While this legal matter has been going on for what seems like ages, the ACC and Maryland have come to an agreement that will allow the monetary issue to be settled and the lawsuits to officially be dropped. This decision was a longtime coming and means that Maryland can refocus on its first official year in the Big Ten, while the ACC refocuses on their updated conference with the additional of Louisville and still fresh additions of Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh.

Check out the link above to get all of the details.


Residence Life Explained in Emoji

This pretty much sums up working in Residence Life…


A gift to my friends in Residence Life.  (And there’s a downloadable PowerPoint version, just click save along the top.  Feel free to use and remix as you wish!)

THROW DOWN!  If you have your own to add, please tweet me!  I’ll release a second edition!
If I was working in Residence Life right now, this would totally be the RA Training competition for the week. 😉

And PLEASE share this on social media… I like the idea of spreading a little humor during a rough month.  May August treat you well!   xoxo Pb

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