Long Hiatus Over – Return to Current Events & Interesting Topics

Hello, readers!

I have been on a long hiatus from this blog and I have recently felt the itch to get back in. There are always interesting articles that have popped up sparking reactions or just topics that I find myself passionate about that I continue to explore. I would like to be more realistic about engaging in this blog at the same time. Because I actually manage an additional 2 socially-oriented blogs (which you can connect to as well), I was overwhelmed trying to find the right balance in posting. That said, you, as the readers, should be able to expect a minimum of 2 blog posts per week. I will try to hold myself accountable and hope that you as the readers feel like this effort is worthwhile.

If you have any reactions or ideas for posts, do not hesitate dropping a comment or sharing an article. Thanks!

By Dan Hairfield Posted in General