A Higher Education Mystery: Honor Students Landing in Jail

Immigration is an extremely charged issue on a national level, but there is a more specific challenge for colleges and universities. A significant population of young people exist who either grew up unaware of their status as undocumented Americans or at least never made the conscious decision to take the risk of exposure. With policies that are structured to work against these young people, can it be truly identified that they are at fault for their predicament? Can you prosecute someone who may have been 5 years old when they came to the United States and were able to enroll in public school?

The video below brings a little light to the challenges of some young, Mexican-American students. Fears of being jailed or deported are not problems with which the average teenager needs to contend, particularly honors students who have high aspirations of success. Considering this is a group that is silenced due to fear of prosecution and/or deportation, this video is at least a start to raise awareness for their struggles.


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